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When do I need to order by?
We have a minimum lead time of 6 months, this includes alteration time. However please reffer to your stockist for further information.
What is the price range?
Our dresses range from £2,000-£3,000. This  will vary upon style and requirments.
When do my fittings start?
Fittings usually begin 2 months before your wedding date. For Made to Measure you have an additional calico fitting that is held 3 and a half months before your wedding date. Please do ask your Stockist for further information.
How many fittings are there?
There are  usually 3 fitting appointments and a collection date. For Made to Measure there is an additional calico fitting appointment. Please ask your chosen stockists.
When are fittings held?
Fittings are generally held during the week: Please see stockists for their availability.
Can I order a different jacket with my dress?
Of course! We can sell the dresses and jackets separately so you can mix and match dresses and jackets to personalise the look to your style!
What sizes do you stock?
Please ask you available stockist.
Is Naomi Neoh stocked Internationally?
Naomi Neoh is only stocked in the UK. We are able to take international orders T&C apply if this is of interest to you please email for more information:
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