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Naomi Neoh is a modern-romantic luxury bridalwear brand dreamt up by the brands founder and designer, Naomi Neoh. A lifelong passion for sewing and fabrics, a considerable change of personal circumstances and willingness to never give up, led Naomi to a change in paths, and in 2008 the Naomi Neoh brand was born.

“I aim for my designs to strike a balance of classic, romantic yet modern, and ultimately, to create magnificent gowns that my brides never want to take off!”


I always get asked about my journey into becoming a luxury bridalwear designer. Although the destination is so clearly where i was meant to be, I didn't always know that. My journey into bridalwear was a mixture of life and fate. I was diagnosed with Ehlers Danlos syndrome and could no longer work full time. To occupy my time I would sew on my kitchen table as a hobbie, a passion I've loved since i was a child. It was in that moment, when i had nothing to loose, I decided to go for it and chase a dream. I still can't believe i have my name above a door, it feels unreal.


I  graduated with a Physics degree and have always seen the mathmatical side of things this, mixed with my creative nature, has allowed me to master the art of illusion through my dresses. I work inside out, this is what makes my dresses different. They work for all body shapes because we cater to all body shapes. Its important to me that every body in a Naomi Neoh dress feels confident, comfortable and happy its that simple.


“I design my dresses to provide the upmost stability whilst maintaining absolute comfort, without the need for additional support.”


The Naomi Neoh team is made up of real women from across the UK and Europe. Their eclectic tastes of designs and culture are all shared amongst the team and help Naomi to gather inspiration for new collections. Once a new dress is created it is tried on by the team so Naomi can envision what the gowns look like on real people and how they feel, and as you can imagine, that is a very tough job indeed...!

As well as the normal day to day duties the team can often be found huddled around mountains of new fabric samples with Naomi chatting about the amazing gowns that could be made, as well as endless talks about what dream destinations we would love to be wed in (it never gets boring!). Oh and we can’t forget to mention chocolate of course... a VERY important driving force behind team Naomi Neoh!

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