“I wore Snowdrop for my wedding day. From the moment I tried it on I loved it. Its simple elegance just oozed class and it had a beautiful, romantic look and feel –  everything I was looking for in a dress. It didn’t need all the sparkle and extras that so many dresses I had tried on required in order to get the ‘wow’ factor. It’s quality fabric and beautiful design had all the ‘wow’ it needed. I felt beautiful every time I put it on and never wanted to take it off. I loved the signature flower adding a that little delicate touch and the timeless style. I got so many compliments on the day and I couldn’t have asked for more. I loved the dress so much we even took it on our honeymoon and took photos wearing it at all the key landmark spots – any excuse to wear it again! I couldn’t recommend Naomi Neoh dresses enough. “